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Angry Birds Toys

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Angry Birds was first introduced in a video game in 2009. Since then, kids and adults of all ages have been able to purchase video games for their phone, PC, and gaming console, clothing, and toys. Add to your collection with the classic plush toys featuring the main characters you love. The Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods could provide you with endless hours of entertainment fighting between Jedi and Sith characters. Race the birds and pigs with the Angry Birds Go Deluxe Telepods. If you want to be more active with your toys, the Angry Birds Knock on Wood game may be just the toy you are looking for. Build up an obstacle just to knock it down. A new edition to Angry Birds hands-on gaming is Angry Birds on Thin Ice. Build the obstacle per the cards suggestion, break the ice blocks, and explode the TNT to score the most points. You can even get creative with the Cra-Z-Art Angry Birds Super Value Kit, which includes stickers, markers, and coloring books.<br />
These toys are popular because of the success of the game. Angry Birds is a simple yet engaging concept. The graphics and sounds are exciting, and the gameplay is addictive. It's no surprise that the toys are doing so well.

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