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Barbie Toys

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Image of Barbie Twist N Style Princess
Barbie Twist N Style Princess
Price: £19.99
Image of Barbie DVX56 Scooter
Barbie DVX56 Scooter
Price: £9.99
Image of Barbie Spy Squad Top Secret Beauty Tin
Barbie Spy Squad Top Secret Beauty Tin
Markwins Beauty Brands International Ltd
Price: £10.00
Image of Barbie Spy Squad
Barbie Spy Squad

Price: £6.99
Image of Barbie Ultimate Puppy Mobile Toy
Barbie Ultimate Puppy Mobile Toy
Price: £44.99

Barbie is a toy line that was originally launched by Mattel in 1959, bringing plastic dolls into nearly all households in America. Today, Barbie has expanded its product line and provides thousands of dolls each year, including collector's items that are released just a few times each year.

Barbie dolls can be purchased individually or within sets including other toys, accessories and furniture for the Barbie dolls themselves. When you have children who enjoy playing with dolls or "playing pretend", Barbies are ideal gifts. You can find children, teen and adult Barbie dolls that come within play sets and that are sold on their own as individuals dolls as well.

Barbie doll play sets range from veterinarian sets to chef and superstar sets, allowing your child to truly put their imagination to work when having fun. You can also purchase outfits for Barbie dolls along with plastic pets, adding even more reality to pretend time with you and your children. Barbie dolls are suitable for children who are over the age of 3 (for choking hazard purposes).

There are also Barbie doll houses that are made specifically for the dolls and their height and overall size. The "Barbie Dream House" has been tweaked and updated over the years to provide a modern luxury house for all of your children's dolls to enjoy. There are also Barbie airplanes, vacation spots and vehicles to purchase to use with all of the dolls, as most Barbies are all the same height and overall size.

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