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Batman Toys

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Image of On Leather Wings
On Leather Wings

Price: £1.89
Image of DC Comics Batman Bath Duck
DC Comics Batman Bath Duck
Price: £4.99
Image of The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises

Price: £8.99
Image of Batman [Explicit]
Batman [Explicit]
Warner Bros.
Price: £7.99
Image of Dc Comics Batman Dinner Set 4 Piece
Dc Comics Batman Dinner Set 4 Piece
DC Comics
Price: £30.00
Image of Batman TP Vol 9 Bloom
Batman TP Vol 9 Bloom
DC Comics
Price: £14.99

For several decades, Batman has been one of the most popular superheroes in comic books and movies. While Batman started out as a comic book, and eventually morphed into television shows, cartoons, and movies, Batman may be more popular today than ever before. This is most likely due to the massive popularity of the Dark Knight films, which have come out in recent years.

Going along with the movies, cartoons, and comic books, Batman toys are extremely popular and there are many different ones to choose from. Of all of the toys, the action figures continue to be the most popular. There are a wide range of action figures to choose from, including those resembling Batman, Robin, and all of their most popular adversaries. Going along with the action figures, there are plenty of accessories including the Batmobile, plenty of weapons, and even castles and other popular scenes from the series.

Beyond the action figures, there are also plenty of other toys that are ideal for anyone that loves Batman. Some of these include stuffed toys, board games, video games, and even interactive books.

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