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Bruder Toys

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Miniature Toys

Many parents want to buy true to life toys made from quality materials for holidays and birthdays. The Bruder Toy Company located in Germany creates miniature toys that resemble heavy-duty construction equipment made by manufacturers from all over the world. Large vehicles that build roads and buildings fascinate boys and girls of all ages. Many children want to grow up and work in industries such as farming, transportation and construction as their parents do.

Durable Materials

The authentic appearance of the toys made by The Bruder Toy Company meets the expectation of adults working in construction, transportation and farming occupations. The Bruder Company excels in making award winning toys that are sold at brick-and-mortar and online specialty stores in several countries. These toys are made to last with durable materials including steel painted with bright colors.

Complex Details

The toys are created with complex details that adults and children find amazing to view. Many of the construction vehicles and farm equipment toys made by the Bruder Toy Company are passed down for several generations. The value of toys made by this company often increase with time because the designers frequently change to new designs while making old ones obsolete.

Collector Items

A large number of the realistic toys made by the Bruder Toy Company are displayed on special shelving or in cabinets as collector’s items. Popular toys made by the Bruder Toy Company include trucks, excavators and tractors make to look like the full-size models adults use.

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