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Calming Through Sensory Toys

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Children, sensitive to noise, lights, or excitement, need a way to calm themselves. Many may suffer from anxiety issues due to hyperactivity, autism, or are merely "high-strung" children, and may benefit from sensory toys.
<strong>Tangle Relax Therapy by Tangle Creations:</strong>

This twist-able play device is the perfect toy for calming the over-anxious child. Consisting of eight interconnecting parts, it can be bended, pulled apart, or manipulated into different shapes. Children are less anxious when able to use their hands by molding this colorful toy. The durable, rubber coating is soft to the touch, providing the sensory and tactile experience the child needs to lessen stress.

<strong>Fidget Toys:</strong>

There are many toys available to help the child that is super fidgety in stressful situations such as in the classroom. Some favorites consist of "silent" fidget toys that do not disturb the class such as:
<li>Squiggle Sensory Bands: quiets anxious students in any situation as child wears bands throughout daily activities </li>
<li>Stress Balls: pressure from squeezing to relieve anxiety and develop fine motor skills</li>
<li>Calming Fidgets: chewy bangle bracelets for oral sensory</li>
<li>Touchy-Feel Tactile Fidgets</li>
<li>Sensory Gel Pad: stress relief using tactile input approach </li>

Using different sensory modes, these devices allow anxieties to melt away while playing with these colorful toys. From anxious car rides to sitting quietly in a classroom, these fun toys are the perfect way to allow children to calm themselves naturally.

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