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Curious George Toys

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Curious George is the main character in the children's books series by co-authors Hans Augusto and Margaret Rey about a monkey who came from Africa to live in the big city with the man in the yellow hat. The monkey is very clever and has a huge curiosity streak. He gets into many amazing escapades. The books have also made into an animated film, television shows and a video game. Today, adorable Curious George toys are available for children. The top toy is a plush Curious George monkey. The plush toys are sold separately or come with numerous outfits and accessories. Jack-in-the-boxes, puzzles and lunchboxes are some of the other types of items featuring this character that are sold.

While the majority of the Curious George toys are geared for children ages five to seven who can read, some items are specifically made safe for infants and toddlers. This lovable monkey has a wide variety of toys and outfits to match with the range of personalities and interests of children. Some young people older than seven still love and keep their Curious George toys.

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