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Dinosaur Toys

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From the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex to the armored Ankylosaurus, dinosaurs remain fascinating to kids of all ages. Dinosaur toys let kids play out their prehistoric imaginings while learning about biological adaptation in a fun and natural way.
Plastic dinosaur models encourage kids to create scenes from the Jurrasic, Triassic or Cretaceous periods, while Dinosaur Train toys featuring characters from the popular PBS show provide an introduction to different species while exciting young fans. For the younger set, cuddly plush dinosaurs are sure to become favorite bedtime companions, and dinosaur bath toys turn bath time into an eagerly anticipated daily event. Complete your collection of dinosaur toys with prehistoric-themed board games, puzzles and crafts.
Whether children are playing together and developing social skills by negotiating the interactions between Pteranadons and Corythosaurus or making their own discoveries in the backyard with fossil discovery toys that let them play the part of a paleontologist, dinosaur toys are a fun and popular addition to any toy box.

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