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Disney Cars Toys

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Toys based on the Disney Cars movies allow children to bring some of their favorite big screen characters to life! With a variety of toy types, levels, and sizes, Cars toys are appropriate for a wide age group that ranges from 18 months to 8 years and older. Younger kids will enjoy playing with Cars plush toys, pullback models that will race on their own, building Cars scenes with Lego Duplo sets, or the Cars Play Mat set. Older children will have a blast setting up races with the Cars cast, watching Lightening McQueen and his friends perform amazing stunts with the Stunt Launching set, zooming their favorite Cars characters around specialty race tracks, or racing their own Cars remote control vehicles. Kids of all ages will have fun with Cars books, games, learning materials, pop-up tents, table and chair sets, and creating their own collection of die cast favorites. With options that range from educational to purely fun, Disney Cars toys are sure to delight both parents and children!

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