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Doctor Who Toys

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Unlimited adventures are possible when traveling through space and time with <i>Doctor Who</i> toys. Time travel, aliens and wacky shenanigans are all essential to the <i>Doctor Who</i> world, so many inventive toys exist.

<i>Doctor Who</i> has spent over 50 years delighting audiences all around the world with the story of a lone alien who searches for friends, mysteries and intrigue in a time machine shaped like a British police box. The Doctor shape shifts and has over 10 faces played by different actors. The 10th and 11th versions are newer and popular with kids.

The 10th Doctor meets Shakespeare, travels to the end of the world, battles giant wasps from space and more. Some of the 11th Doctors' exploits consist of riding dinosaurs, returning stars to the sky and meeting his wife out of chronological order. These antics can be recreated with mini and regular sized action figures that include the Doctors and the friends, enemies and important objects they encounter.

The world of <i>Doctor Who</i> is huge, and there are many gift options. <i>Doctor Who</i> themed shirts, chess sets, stuffed animals, card games, alarm clocks, bed spreads and more are available. Children can decorate their bedrooms with <i>Doctor Who</i> items, solve challenging puzzles, dress up and play pretend or collect action figures.

<i>Doctor Who</i> is a longstanding fantasy series that will likely be around for generations. These toys are fun for kids now and may have value as collector's items in the future.

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