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Fireman Sam Toys

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Fireman Sam

Children love watching the Fireman Sam show on British television networks that began in the late 1980s. The popularity of the television series led to a live musical theater show in 2011 featuring Fireman Sam and other characters. The setting of the Fireman Sam series is a combination of two real country towns in Wales where the main character interacts with townspeople throughout his day.

Educational Toys

Shows are filmed using a time-consuming puppet action format depicting the bright colors of each character’s clothing and the town’s buildings including stores and homes. This educational series is intended primarily for the enjoyment of young children attending preschool and kindergarten who are learning about how service personnel and regular people interact. Today, this television series is viewed all over the world in over 30 different languages.

Character Toys

There are numerous toy products available featuring characters from the show that make perfect gifts for girls and boys. Toys featuring the Fireman Sam theme include animals, vehicles, robots and people. The creators of the show strive to create outfits for emergency personnel that look realistic to help children understand the importance of firefighters.

Role-Play Toys

Parents can buy play sets that include buildings such as the fire station with movable figurines and fire trucks. Alternatively, there are separate Fireman Sam themed toys including plush items, board games and DVDs. All of the toys are designed to allow young children the opportunity to role-play in the fictional town of Pontypandy.

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