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Handy Manny Toys

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Do your kids go around the house “fixing” your belonging after watching an episode of Handy Manny? There are many different Handy Manny toys you can purchase to help bring the show to life in your home. Any preschooler will love opening up a Handy Manny toy, and I am sure he will start building right away. The show has a variety of toys for little hands. One popular Handy Manny toy that is perfect for any builder and wrecker is the Construction Play set. This play set comes with over 45 pieces that allow you to build and wreck your own designs. Along with the character figurines, your child will also get a dump truck, a cement truck, cinder blocks and a wrecking ball. If your little one loves the tools on the Handy Manny show, they will love the tool box set filled with replicas of the tools from the show. The set even comes with a special tool box. Beyond toys, the Handy Manny brand has a wide array of merchandise available including dining ware, clothes, costumes and much more.

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