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Hello Kitty Toys

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Little girls all over the world love the adorable image of a kitty that represents the Hello Kitty line of toys, clothing and many other accessories. Originally introduced in 1974 as a spokesanimal for the Japanese company called Sanrio, which specialized in selling produce and silk.

The iconic white female Japanese bobtail cat who wears a bow got her nickname by accident when the first product upon which her name "Kitty" appeared, a small coin purse, also had the word "Hello" placed above. Young girls instantly responded to this friendly and positive ideal in Kitty White and the rest of the White family of kittens.

With a height of five apples and a weight of three apples, this emblem of Japanese Kawaii culture has become an international cultural phenomenon that defies ages and many personality types. Young girls can be seen carrying anything from Hello Kitty backpacks, shoes, bandages and so much more.

Parents who want to introduce their daughters to a fun and wholesome character that is nearly 40 years old and still going strong, Hello Kitty will bring joy and pleasure to everyone. Taiwan even has a Hello Kitty hospital that features Hello Kitty bedsheets to keep spirits high in the wards.

Some of the toys that parents will find for their eager pre-teens, teens and maybe even something for the kid inside include plush Hello Kitty dolls, dress pillows, lunch boxes, bingo games, backpacks, pens and pen holders, stationery, eraser sets, dioramas, plastic figures, miniatures and more.

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