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Jellycat Toys

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Jellycat, founded in 1999, is a London-based retailer known for its line of high-quality, soft stuffed animals and dolls. The company's name is the product of a child's imagination and is taken from a combination two well-loved elements--jellies and cats. The silly moniker, and its accompanying trademark, reflect the manufacturer's light-hearted approach to toy design. Jellycat produces two new toy collections each year, one in January and another in June, and supplies fine retail shops all over the world. Its best-selling line is its Bashfuls collection, consisting of super-soft, huggable, realistically-designed stuffed animals modeled after family pets, woodland and jungle creatures, and farm animals. Bashful Bunnies are particularly popular; prized for their silky fur and long, floppy ears, they are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Other products include soft dolls, baby booties, interactive cloth books, baby blankets and soothers, and rattles. Each Jellycat toy passes a series of rigorous safety tests and is made from quality, long-lasting materials. ASTM safety certificates for each piece are available upon request. Jellycat soft toys are meant to last a lifetime and are suitable for all ages--from newborns to centenarians and from generation to generation.

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