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Jungle Junction Toys

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Educational Toys

Jungle Junction toys feature characters that appear on a television program made by The Walt Disney Company headquartered in Burbank, Calif. Children in several countries including the United States view the Jungle Junction show. The animated series has animal and human characters that have voices supplied by different actors in Great Britain or the United States. The show is designed for younger children with an educational theme with characters teaching various skills. Children have an opportunity to learn about geography, words and physical activities while watching the show.

Play Sets

The toys based on the television series are a combination of a vehicle and an animal. This combination of characteristics helps a child to learn about transportation and animals. The Fisher-Price company of East Aurora, N.Y., makes the Jungle Junction toys. Each toy represents a different character including Bungo, Zooter and Toadhog. Many of the toys have movable parts that allow creative play for youngsters. Most of the Jungle Junction toys are play sets with multiple pieces that provide hours of entertainment for children.

Popular Toys

Several of the Jungle Junction toy sets have large bases that sit on a table or the floor. The bases have pathways that are perfect for rolling the combination animal and vehicle toys that are part of the play set. One of the most popular toys resembles a yellow school bus combined with a hippopotamus. This large toy includes small beetle toys that children load on the Hippobus to transport to school.

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