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Lightning McQueen Toys

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The movie "Cars" and it's sequel "Cars 2" remain hugely popular with the twelve and under set. These box office blockbusters from Disney/Pixar, the team that created Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc., really hit one out of the park with its inspired world of talking automobiles.

"Cars" and "Cars 2" detail the adventures of Lightning McQueen, an ambitious, hard-working race car, and his many friends, including Mater the lovable tow truck and Sally Carrera, a sports car and former big city attorney. The gang from Radiator Springs, and the many interesting friends and competitors they meet, are all based on real-life vehicles.

As the main character and "star of the show," Lightning McQueen is the film series' most recognizable and, arguably, most popular character. Young boys, in particular, seem particularly taken with him.

Fortunately for Lightning McQueen's many fans, a vast selection of toys are currently available featuring the fun-loving red race car. From cuddly plushes to scale models of nearly every conceivable size to lunch boxes and so much more, there's sure to be a Lighting McQueen toy to please every "Cars" fan.

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