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McFarlane Toys

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Since 1994, the company created to showcase and sell figures from creator Todd McFarlane's "Spawn" comic series has grown into the 5th largest manufacturer of action figures in the world. The product line for McFarlane Toys includes comic book and video game figures, sports teams and players, various entertainment niches and even movie and television character lines. These "toys" have grown from a way to expand on a comic book's popularity to being some of the most sought after figurines across the globe.

From movie figures of characters like Napoleon Dynamite and Tim Burton's Corpse Bride to lifelike replicas of the members of KISS and the Beatles, McFarlane Toys has created them all. The attention to detail in each of the figures, especially the insanely popular Walking Dead line, has put McFarlane Toys ahead of the competitors - for good. Due to their success in other areas, McFarlane Toys has even created three proprietary figure lines, featuring dragons, monsters and a military theme to appease fans of all ages.

Great as collectibles or as everyday play items, the toys created by the company feature something for all age groups and demographics. From lovable characters like Warner Bros. creations and The Simpsons to well known big screen heroes and villains, McFarlane Toys are available to fill the needs and desires of all customers. With frequently updated releases and special limited edition figures, McFarlane Toys continues to improve upon their already extremely successful products.

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