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Meerkat Toys

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Is your little one enamored with meerkats? The playful antics of meerkats and children are well matched. Popular TV shows and children's movies have caused widespread interest in these small and social animals. Popular brands such as Calico Critters, Webkinz, and PLAYMOBIL include meerkat offerings. Most plush meerkat toys feature the animals in their trademark standing pose. Whether your child wants to care for a virtual version of his or her meerkat, dance along to the soundtrack of a favorite animal movie, or imitate playful scenes from a favorite show, there are plenty of meerkat options to make them happy. Your little one can pretend that he or she is caring for a real meerkat and even add to an ongoing meerkat collection. Some play sets include multiple meerkats, burrows, or even entire jungle set ups. There are meerkat costumes that can be used for Halloween events, or simply for dress up options at home.

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