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Mickey Mouse Toys

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Few cartoon characters are as well known as Mickey Mouse, the lovable talking mouse created by Walt Disney in the 1920s. As the star of numerous movies and television shows, over the years the sweet mouse with the large ears and winning smile has also influenced many lines of toys for children.

Mickey Mouse inspired toys are available for children of all ages, including baby and toddlers. If you’re shopping for those very youngest Mickey fans, you’ll find plenty of plush Mickey Mouse figures including baby Mickeys. Soft books, snuggle blankets, blocks, bath toys, shape sorters and stacking toys are just some of the baby and toddler toys either shaped like Mickey or imprinted with the image of the iconic mouse.

Slightly older children can enjoy Mickey Mouse themed play sets. Fisher Price and Disney have teamed up to present several fun ones. Mickey has a fire truck and a police patrol bike, a tractor, a space rocket and even his own farm. Preschool and early elementary aged children will enjoy these plastic vehicles and settings for Mickey. Some of the play sets, like Mickey’s camper, include other Disney figures like Mickey’s dog Goofy.

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