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Monsters Inc. Toys

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Kids of all ages love the adorable characters from the <i>Monsters Inc</i> movie. The figurine set features 5 of the favorite characters from the movie. Little girls love the Peek-A-Boo doll. Squeeze her tummy and she talks and says "Boo!". They will also enjoy playing with the 8" plus Boo doll.

Boys have fun with the plush toys Sulley and Mike. Sulley growls and roars when he is squeezed. When kids shake him, Sulley goes into Tickle Mode, Scare Mode or Sleep Time Mode. My Scare Pal Mike talks with kids when they pull his arms and poke him. My Scare Pal Art's soft, plushy legs can be bent into goofy positions. Art talks to kids with 12 unique phrases.

Kids over 3 will love to play catch outdoors with the Squealing Mascot. Squeeze and throw him and he'll squeal while he's flying through the air. The over 3 crowd will also have outdoors fun with the Monster Slingshot which shoots red foam "Urchin" balls. Kids can pretend to be part of the movie gang when they play with these Monster Inc. toys.

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