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Moshi Monster Toys

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Expand the digital world into real life with Moshi Monster toys, trading cards and figurines. Based on the massively popular online game with over 60 million players worldwide, Moshi Monster toys bring your kids’ favorite Moshlings into the real world with figurines, plushies, and even TY Beanie Babies, so their pets can go everywhere they go! Exclusive trading cards featuring Moshlings are not only a fast paced card game and prized collectors’ items but also can contain secret codes that are redeemable for online items in the game. Rare and special cards can add an extra advantage to any deck. Moshi Monsters sticker packs, coloring books, puzzles and more are a great and creative way to show love for your favorite Moshlings, and Moshi Monsters jewelry, mini figures, and other collectibles often come in packs that include secret codes for in-game items. Moshi Monster collectibles come in a wide variety for kids of all ages who love their Moshlings.

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