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mr tumble toys

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Encourage fun and imaginative play with a variety of Mr. Tumble toys from the popular children’s show, Something Special! Designed for children 10 months and up, these colorful and stimulating toys feature the beloved character Mr. Tumble for a variety of entertaining activities. Mr. Tumble themed card games and puzzles designed for young minds introduce rewarding challenges, as well as encouraging thoughtful play. Felt boxes and stickers featuring the popular character from Something Special are great for promoting early creativity and imagination even in small children. Soft toys featuring Mr. Tumble rattle, squeak and even speak to engage young children for hours of Something Special fun, and special activity dolls encourage sound recognition, interaction, and other important early play skills. Mr. Tumble themed toys from the hit children’s show Something Special are perfect for fans of the show and children 10 months and up for safe, fun and engaging play.

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