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Outdoor Toys

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Encouraging children to enjoy being outdoors in the open air and sunshine engaging in active and creative play is one of positive purpose of outdoor toys. Nothing is more healthful than getting out with the kids for a good dose of nature in the backyard. When they are playing with age-appropriate toys, children should be encouraged to use their imaginations and make up their own games to play as long as they are not dangerous to themselves or others. Here are some of the many different types of outdoor toys available for children at play on pretty-weather days:

Sports-Related Toys

Playing some type of ball is the most common outdoor activity for many children. Equipment for hockey, softball and basketball are some of the popular games that elementary school aged children practice and play with adults and friends in the yard. Even just a ball, bat and mitt can mean hours of fun.

Beach, Yard and Garden-Themed Toys

Kids ages two to six like to use child-friendly outdoor toys that are like tools grownups use. For the garden, small-sized tools like rakes, wheelbarrows and watering cans are fun. For the sandbox, beach shovels, buckets and other digging tools are perfect. For the lawn and yard, children just love being able to pretend like they are helping to "mow" the lawn with their own miniature toy lawnmower.

Homemaking Toys

When it comes to playing house and homemaking games, kids ages two to ten love to make pretend meals for their friends, dolls and stuffed animals to "eat." Miniature dishes, pie pans and pots and pans are terrific. Of course, entire playhouses and kitchens are also ideal.

Transportation-Associated Toys

Transportation and heavy-equipment toys are great for sand piles or anywhere in the yard. Children from three to nine years of age love to push around cranes, backhoes and ground-pushers as well as fast hot-rod cars. Anything with wheels that kids can get on and ride are also winners outdoors.

Whatever toys interest children for playing outside are beneficial. Active play outdoors helps them get the exercise and creative playtime that they need. Caring adults know that time spent out playing and having fun helps to promote healthy minds and bodies.

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