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Polly Pocket

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Discover the world of adventure with Polly and her friends, Lea and Lila. Cruise Polly around her own ice rink, walk her down a glittering fashion runway or send her up in a hot air balloon with Polly Pocket's colorful, engaging play sets. It's fun to help Polly tour the globe in her Tropical Party Yacht or Adventure Jet or ride in style in her Drive 'N Slide car. Wall party play sets encourage kids to play more actively with Polly, create a wall full of entertainment and keep toys off the floor.

At just under four inches tall, Polly and friends are jointed dolls that fit easily in small carrying cases, purses and pockets. With dozens of clothes, hats, shoes and accessories available in fun stretchy rubber and magnetic snap-on plastic, the gals and their friends are ready for every occasion. Kids can continue the Polly Pocket adventures with interactive online games and videos.

Polly Pocket dolls and play sets are great for children between 3 and 10 years old who like to interact with their toys, imagine delightful activities and love fashion. Check out Polly's Wall Party Ultimate Play Set Bundle and the Pollyworld Doll House for terrific gift ideas.

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