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Postman Pat Toys

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The weather does not stop postmen from doing their jobs, and <i>Postman Pat</i> will be around to entertain kids despite rain or snow. This British series has entertained children for over 20 years, and there are many gift ideas available.

Delivering the mail may not seem like an exciting job, but Pat has enough adventures to keep kids interested. Pat always involves himself with the townspeople of Greendale as he rounds up escaped sheep, helps uncover a strawberry thief and makes unusual deliveries like a large block of ice or a didgeridoo. Pat comes into contact with many animals and musical instruments, and the show is very educational for young children. He also never delivers the mail alone because his cat Jess tags along and often helps Pat save the day.

Pat started out with a Royal Mail fleet service van but must use a variety of vehicles to make delivers. Pat has a food truck, a motorbike with a side car for Jess and a helicopter. The vehicles shown in <i>Postman Pat</i> make great gifts for small children. Kids can pretend to zoom around Greendale with one of Pat's rides or enjoy the trains, rockets and police cars that are also found in the town. There are also dolls and figurines of the popular characters, and kids can recreate the whole town with toy buildings and a Greendale play mat.

Whether playing with a Pat doll or racing rockets and trains, small kids will love <i>Postman Pat</i> toys.

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