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Power Rangers Toys

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Go Power Rangers! These crime fighting teens have stopped evil for two decades, and this means there are a variety of awesome toys for kids to collect.

There are over ten unique Power Ranger stories, but each tale generally revolves around a group of strong, moral teens who must defend the planet from nefarious, otherworldly forces. The Power Rangers have different animals and colored costumes that represent their special skills. While the teens are all formidable on their own, they are unstoppable when they band together and form one huge robot to take on opponents.

Power Rangers toys are popular because every kid can become a Power Ranger with matching accessories, light up weapons and costumes. There are also toy cars and figurines available for any individual character that a child loves. Kids can also create epic battles with action figure sets that include the teams from the Megaforce or Samuari universes, or they can save the day with the robots from the Wild Force or Mighty Morphin Rangers lines.

Movies, posters, books and more are available for kids of any age because even young children will be mesmerized by the bright colors and action scenes. Grade schoolers will love action figures, clothing and notebooks, and video games are available to keep older kids entertained for hours.

There are many superheroes that appeal to kids, but the Power Rangers are different because they are ordinary teens who help others. Kids can feel like heroes when playing with Power Rangers toys.

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