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Splish Splash!

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What makes a bubbly bath even more fun? Being able to play in the water and suds! Make your child's bath-time one to look forward to with pails and cups, squirters, washable paints and more.

Children of any age will enjoy a bath when there's something more for them to do than just sit and get clean. A few fun toys in their bath not only keep children occupied, but can also encourage role-playing, an essential learning activity of childhood.

Pots and pans help spark their imagination as they fill them to the top with bubbles in the make-believe kitchen. Washable paints boost creativity and are easily wiped away when bath time is done. Squirters assist with hand-eye coordination as your child aims for a target, while buckets and cups help with basic measuring skills. It's a science class in the bath tub! Our toys might be so much fun, the hardest part of bath-time might be getting your child out, not in.

Join the "Tub Club" and make bath-time fun!

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