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Tonka Toys

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With its roots based in toy construction equipment and trucks for children. These kid-friendly, but realistic, toys have been popular since their 1946 introduction to the market. The Tonka company originally started in Mound, Minnesota, as Mound Metalcraft, and focused on garden tool implements and equipment. The space that Mound Metalcraft used for their business had previously housed a toy manufacturer. When offered the chance to take over that company, the Mound Metalcraft founders thought a small toy company manufacturing focus would make a good side business.

After some re-tooling and subtle modifications to the original toys, the company came up with the Dakota Sioux name "Tanka" that translates as "big" or "great" to give parents and kids an idea of the durability and realism that their toys would provide. The company's original logo was a tribute to the local Lake Minnetonka.

These enduring toys have pleased kids for decades. From cement trucks to dump trucks, these powerful and sturdily built vehicles offer kids great fun in the dirt or on the living room floor.

Even though the plastic has now replaced the original steel materials that the Tonka Toy Company used, these toys are still made to last and keep kids happy for many years.

Some of the best-known toys include Gobots, Steel Monsters, Spiral Zone and Rock Lords, Play-Doh transports, Monster Trucks, Coast Guard helicopters, emergency vehicles, die-cast haulers, pick-ups and much more. Parents will also find accessories such as road signs and other types of road equipment.

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