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transformers toys

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Looking for the ultimate birthday gift for someone who loves toys that do more than one thing? Then look no further than the Transformers. While finding toys from the original line is usually a little difficult and expensive, you can now find dozens of different toys that are suitable for younger kids, older kids and even adult collectors. Why pay thousands of dollars for an original Optimus Prime in the box when you can buy a brand new Optimum Prime for much less? Once he transforms from a semi truck to a robot, you'll hear squeals of delight.

The Transformers are one of the few toy lines that transitioned across different groups. From the cartoon and toy line of the 1980s to the reboot in the 1990s and the toys that relate to the modern films, collectors and fans seem to want it all. You'll know find chunky little figures designed for kids with small hands and upscale sets designed for collectors. You'll even find Transformers designed for children as young as babies.

The most loved toys are the classic action figures, and these truly are robots in disguise. The figures go from vehicles and other items into robots and back again with just a few simple moves. Some fans love the remote controlled vehicles, which give them some more control over how the robots move and what the robots do. Shoppers can also find some fun costumes and board games that use the classic characters like Bumblebee, Starscream and Cliff Jumper.

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