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Waybuloo Toys

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Waybuloo toys are based off of the children's television show. There are a large variety of toys and other activities available for children. A great toy for your favorite fan would be one of the three different Pipling toys. These ten inch characters come alive when their tummies are squeezed. They will say familiar phrases from the television show, invite little ones to join in for some Togo, or even play you some music.

Another great option for little lovers of Waybuloo would be the magnectic storybook: Meet the Piplings. This book allows children to meet all of the Piplings, while creating their own storyline. The middle pages create a neat play scene of Nara when open. Children develop their imagination and creative skills by using this book. The activity book also comes with 31 different magnets to mix and match within the book.

Yet another wonderful option would be the Fisher-Price Nara Yo Jo Jo Playset. There are two different types of this playset fans to collect. This playset is a replica to the one seen on Cbeebies. This is a great playset for pre-school aged children. It encourages kindness, integrity, and friendship.

These are just a few of the educational toys that are available to children.

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