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Wooden Toys

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Wooden toys are a great option for children. They are often built with lasting integrity, and have the throwback feel of vintage toys such as wooden letter blocks and wooden trains. They are considered to be eco-friendly and many parents think of them as a healthier option for kids since they lack the phthalates and BPA often present in many of the plastic toys on the market. Many popular toy companies understand that wooden toys are making a comeback and they are becoming easier to find. The Melissa & Doug toy company offers many children’s toys made of wood, such as food sets for play kitchens, wooden puzzles, and wooden play sets. The ever popular Thomas the Train toys can now be found in a wooden version, complete with wooden tracks. Though wooden toys can be a little bit more expensive, the overall value is much greater than plastic toys as they withstand the wear and tear of children much better than their plastic counterparts. They even make great heirloom items since children can one day pass some of their favorite toys along to their own offspring. For a sturdy feel and a health conscious option, wooden toys are the way to go.

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